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Best Coaching Courses Finding The Right Fit

Best Coaching Courses in Vancouver | Risings Education helps students/parents determine the best-fit schools by understanding the priorities and strengths of each family.

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Finding the Right fit with Best Coaching Courses Risings Education

In an increasingly competitive landscape for program admissions, the role of professional and experienced educational consultation is given importance in ensuring students’ success in reaching their ideal universities and achieving their academic goals. Best Coaching Courses – Risings Education is a dedicated group of consultants and tutors with extensive expertise across all levels of the education system, from secondary school to graduate school. Our unwavering commitment is to provide top-notch services exclusively to our selective clients.

Best Coaching Courses in Vancouver | Risings Education
Best Coaching Courses in Vancouver
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Enhance your skills with professional coaching courses

Best Coaching Courses – Risings Education tutorial services provide a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring you acquire valuable skills and knowledge. Elevate your capabilities with expert guidance and a diverse range of courses tailored to meet current school demands.

Explore 5K+ in-demand Courses & programs

Select from various 5K+ courses and programs covering the latest trends and essential skills to stay ahead in your academic journey.

Join 2.5K+ students achieving learning outcomes

Become part of a thriving community of over 2.5K students actively achieving their learning goals. Collaborate, learn, and succeed together on your journey to proficiency and discovering your potential.

Our Services

Above and Beyond What’s Typically Offered in Schools

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Staff To Students Ratio

Risings Education offers the best staff-to-student ratio, which is nearly 10 times lower than that of the average tutoring center.

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Home Tutoring

Risings Education offers in-home meetings, which eliminate parking expenses and travel time of 40 to 60 minutes per day/class.

consulting services

Application Applied By Staff

Risings Education is designed to make the application process for students as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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Weekly Meetings

Risings Education offers personalized support to students with in-person weekly meetings and follow-ups, with dedicated staff who can help with questions, provide feedback, and track progress.

consulting services

Direct Contact To Staff

Risings Education differs from traditional tutoring centers with its highly responsive and accessible approach, which allows for direct contact with consultants at any time for quick questions or ongoing guidance.

school consulting

Student Monitoring

Risings Education prioritizes student progress by monitoring and focusing on the necessary support and guidance, rather than sales and business growth.


Reviews from our students and parents

Enhance the potential of learning with our educational consultancy and tutorial services. Read reviews directly from students and parents who’ve experienced academic breakthroughs and enhanced confidence. Discover the personalized and effective approach to education that sets our services apart.



I owe much of my academic success to Risings Education’s exceptional tutorial services. From Grade 10 to university admission, their tutors provided invaluable support. The personalized guidance and weekly follow-ups not only saved time but also allowed me to focus on my studies and tests. Their unique study plans were a game-changer, enabling me to secure offers from top US and Canadian universities. I highly recommend Risings Education for their outstanding tutorial services—they are the key to educational excellence!



Thank you for Risings Educational Consulting to support me all the way from Grade 8 to university admission. Their weekly follow-up, application monitor, and time management did save me much time so that I can focus on study and standard tests. Without their unique study plan for each semester, I don’t think I am able to get offers from prominent universities in the US and Canada. Strongly recommend Risings for your education consulting!

Mother of Stella


Risings guided us through the complicated and very competitive university applications. No way could we have done it without Risings. I strongly encourage you to start with Risings early in the process, so they can guide your child in what they need to do to build their resume and the academic path they need to achieve over high school.

So why wait? join Risings Education and take the first step toward securing your future at the right university, guided by experts who are dedicated to your success.