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About us

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In an increasingly competitive landscape for program admissions, the role of professional and experienced educational consultation is given importance in ensuring students’ success in reaching their ideal universities and achieving their academic goals. Risings Education is a dedicated group of consultants and tutors with extensive expertise across all levels of the education system, from secondary school to graduate school. Our unwavering commitment is to provide top-notch services exclusively to our selective clients.

We firmly believe that each student is unique, with their distinct passions and interests. Consequently, we pride ourselves on offering personalized guidance and support tailored to every student. It is our mission to guide students in finding the university that best aligns with their aspirations and unique qualities.

Risings Education goes beyond conventional consulting services by extending tutoring support to our clients. We recognize that academic excellence is a critical component of a successful university application. Our tutors are seasoned experts who work closely with students, providing them with the tools and knowledge to excel academically. We assist students and parents in identifying the best-fit schools by gaining a deep understanding of each family’s priorities and values, as well as the strengths, needs, and interests of every student. We believe that a holistic approach to education consulting, coupled with tutoring services, ensures the best possible outcome for our clients.

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A journey of passion and dedication

Over the past few years, Risings has been supporting and guiding numerous students to gain admission to their dream universities. We take immense pride in our track record of success and are eager to extend our expertise to you and/or your children to help you achieve your academic goals and aspirations.

Our mission

At Risings Education, our mission is to empower students to achieve academic excellence and fulfill their aspirations by providing personalized, professional, and comprehensive educational consulting and tutoring services. We are committed to guiding students through the increasingly competitive landscape of program admissions, ensuring they find the right fit for their unique passions and interests.

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Our vision

At Risings Education, we’re dedicated to being a leader in innovative education, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence. We aim to redefine the standards of educational consulting by fostering a student-centric approach that goes beyond conventional services. Our vision is a future where every student not only gets into their dream university but also does well academically and personally, equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen path. With personalized guidance, tutoring help, and a deep understanding of each student’s needs, we aim to make a significant impact on our clients’ educational journeys, helping them reach their full potential.

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What Risings Customers Say?

Thank you for Risings Educational Consulting to support me all the way from Grade 8 to university admission. Their weekly follow-up, application monitor, and time management did save me much time so that I can focus on study and standard tests. Without their unique study plan for each semester, I don’t think I am able to get offers from prominent universities in the US and Canada. Strongly recommend Risings for your education consulting! — student George from Boston University Risings guided us through the complicated and very competitive university applications. No way could we have done it without Risings. I strongly encourage you to start with Risings early in the process, so they can guide your child in what they need to do to build their resume and the academic path they need to achieve over high school. — Mother of Stella, Stella from Cornell University

So why Wait? join Risings Education and take the first step toward securing your future at the right university, guided by experts who are dedicated to your success.